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    Kelvin Cho - 互联网商业模式第一人 - 曹耀群老师


    The first person that specialized Internet business models in Asia, and specialized in research and practical experts in the Internet business model to help many companies grow from zero to millions and achieve results. Currently the big fish ponds, Guangzhou Management Consulting Co., Ltd. CEO. CEC Certified E-Commerce for the United States Consultant, United Kingdom Marketing Association CIM members.

    He graduated from the University of Alabama, and has a double degree in international market and computing.  Assist some of the fortune 500 companies in the United States as technical support as Caixin Knowledge Management Consultants Limited E strategy division, counseling many small and medium enterprises and listed companies in Malaysia's to become E operation. Served as an Internet columnist Malaysia's Sin Chew Jit Poh Sin Chew, has written for some magazine's column on the Internet  since 1996, founded the first B2C Web site in 1998,and at least 100 e-commerce-based shopping site. Based mainly on sales of real sites.

     The company owns several major e-commerce site - Franchise model has about 5,000 franchisees worldwide. Founder of the Internet business model franchise also won the Asia-Pacific Best Brand Award. is also a number of B2B websites  consultant and counseling a lot of B2C, C2B site re-planning their internet marketing business model and related operations and so on. E-commerce site's sales from zero to several million dollars a year in sales. Is also currently in Malaysia, Singapore, China to provide SMEs with hosted online marketing Baidu / Google promotion system, community marketing  extension system, large fish ponds create wealth internet marketing system and provide training, consultancy and joined Business, Malaysia's most influential business magazine Business World column experts. Is also vice president of marketing research in China and the Chinese Confucian corporate vice president of club。

    互联网商业模式第一人,是亚洲少数专门研究及实践互联网商业模式的专家,协助很多企业从零到百万千万的业绩. 目前是广州大鱼塘企业管理咨询有限公司CEO。

    为美国CEC认证的电子商务顾问师,英国营销协会CIM的会员。 毕业於美国阿拉巴马州立大学,拥有国际市场及计算机双学位。

    曾在美国500强任职技术支援,台湾 驻马财鑫知识管理顾问有限公司E化策略师, 辅导过很多马来西亚的中小企业及上市公司进行企业的E化作业。

    曾担任马来西亚星洲日报星洲互动的互联网专栏作者, 也曾为一些杂志写关于互联网方面的专栏。从事互联网自1996年开始, 1998年创办了第一个B2C网站,至今已创办了至少100个电子商务型的购物网站。



    公司创办的互联网连锁加盟商业模式更获得了亚太最佳品牌奖项.目前也担任一些B2B网站的商业模式顾问及辅导很多的B2C,C2B 网站重新规划他们的商业模式及相关网络营销等等的运作。


    目前也在马来西亚,新加坡,国内为中小企业提供托管式的网络营销 百度/谷歌 推广系统, 社区营销(微博/视频)推广系统,大鱼塘网络营销创富系统 及提供相关培训,顾问及加盟业务。


    Certified E-Commerce Consultant

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