Why Publish a Book?

    Ask the big questions first: Determine your target audience

    Publishing your book without an idea where you want it to end up and who your audience is, will inevitably bring you to one dead end after another.

    To make your publishing journey takeoff as smooth as possible, we’ve assembled the following questions that you should ask yourself before selecting your internet and you publishing package:

    Why am I writing this book? Is it…

    •  for family and friends? Personal or family histories are a good way to share your life stories with present and future generations.
    • to share knowledge? Whether you’re expressing your thoughts through a self-help book or providing professional advice, writing can be used to improve your professional standing or the general public’s outlook.
    • for presentational support? Motivational speakers often use “back-of-the-room” sales to lend credibility to their message and use their message as a way to generate book sales.
    • for healing? In order to move forward, some writers seek elimination, purification or closure through writing.
    • to establish your professional writing career? If you have a passion for writing beyond the areas listed above, then there’s possibly a novel inside you. The more you write, the better you will become at improving your skills. So why not let the general public decide if your book is good? 

    Your book’s purpose will go a long way in determining your target audience. While we encourage you to reach for the stars, internet and you also provides professional one-on-one support that gives you realistic feedback. This feedback is crucial to the aspiring author because if your goals are set so high that they are virtually unattainable, it can lead to disappointment and discouragement.

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