Here is what the following beneficiaries have to say...

    Recurring pain in the legs
    Immediately after a Reiki treatment, I felt relief to the 20+ years of PMS pain in my legs!
    -Mrs Raj, Home-maker, Selangor. (now Reiki level 2 practitioner)

    Student's problem
    In 2001, my son's stress, tension and anxiety level during his PMR trial exam resulted in him failing his subjects. He is normally a brilliant student, it was shocking. As a doctor, I recognise the symptoms of his own high expectations thus upsetting his normal steady approach. After receiving 4 Reiki therapy sessions from Master Suzanne, he sat for his exam with total calmness. His result - distinctions in all of his subjects. Last year, before he sat for his Higher Exam (SPM), he underwent another Reiki therapy session from Suzanne again and the net result is 7 A1's and 2 A2's!

    Dr Pam, MD, PJ.

    High Pressured & Demanding Job
    Before: Anger, stress & tension. Through Reiki, I experienced my negativities transformed to total relaxation and inner peace.

    Ms Anne, PA to the CEO, Advertising Company, Kuala Lumpur. (now Reiki level 2 practitioner)

    Personality Clash & Anger

    In our company, board meetings are war zones - heated arguments & flare-up anger are the norm with my bosses. Within an evening, Master Terry showed me how to harmonise & create win-win meetings & situations. Now, I get respect and cooperation from my bosses.

    Mr Charles, Financial Controller Public Listed Company, Kuala Lumpur. (now Reiki level 1 practitioner)

    Fear, Inner Conflict, not knowing what I really want in Life

    The Reiki attunements & life lessons by Master Terry brought clarity & defined goals to my life. My life is now filled with zest. Just awesome!!!

    Ms Jackie, Financial Consultant, KL. (now Reiki level 2 practitioner)

    Ulceritis, blood in stool 

    Admitted to GHKL 1st day bleeding 2 tea cups of blood. After one day of Reiki treatment, bleeding was reduced. Several Reiki treatments later, i recovered with no surgery, as initially recommended by the doctor.

    ;Mr Faye, United Kingdom

    Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 

    Rapid degeneration in my body system. After 6 months Reiki therapy, I have improved tremendously & have gone on local and overseas travel, moving independently.

    Mrs Wong, 60's KL.


    After motor accident, suffered temporary memory loss. Doctor recommended right leg amputation. Tried Reiki to try save leg. After 1st treatment, regained memory and can recall accident details. By the 7th treatment, doctor noticed positive healing and confirmed no need for amputation. Fully recovered & back to work now.

    Mr Lim, 20's Cheras, KL.

    Our son's Asthma.

    Born prematurely, our son needed intensive medical attention constantly and hospitalised every 3rd week of the month. After receiving Reiki therapy over 1 year, he was certified as normal and no need for any medical check up anymore. Thanks to Master Suzanne, our son is now a healthy and active child.

    Mr & Mrs Lee, Tayton Garden, KL.

    Liver Cancer

    Underwent a 13 hour operation to remove liver tumour. Bleeding did not stop after 13 pints of blood transfusion. Received special consent to do Reiki just outside operation theatre. 15 mins later, bleeding was under control. Patient recovered well from the operation. Doctor considered operation a small miracle as all major organs were performing consistently throughout the operation despite the long hours and the advance age.

    Mr Texas Moi, Suzanne's father & Terry's father-in-law, 76 years old, KL.

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