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    • Photo : Permas City Shoplots for Sale
    • Name : Permas City Shoplots for Sale
    • Code : permascity
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    • Description :
      Top 10 reasons why you should invest permas city shoplots
      1. One of the most populated area in Iskandar johor bahru. Around 500,000 population in this Area
      2. Surrounded by Catalyst projects like Knowledge City , Pasir Gudang & Pasir Putih Industrial parks, Southkey City, Mid Valley Mega Mall, Plentong Urban Development , Teluk Jawa Mix Development & reputable projects like  Senibong Cove, Straits View, Marina etc
      3. Easy accessibility to major highways. East Dispersal link (EDL), Coastal highway, North South highway, Tebrau highway, Pasir gudang highway
      4. Booming location in Iskandar Zone A. An attractive investment with potential high return & future prospect
      5. Only 6 mins to CIQ
      6. One of the few commercial developments in the vicinity
      7. Designed by award winning architects and designers
      8. One of a kind Semi Mall Concept Development
      9. One of the few commercial developments with lifts & mezannine floor
      10. One of a kind commercial developments with extra high ceiling of 6 meter height & extra long of 118 feet Ground floor

      2.邻近环绕催化项目,如知识城,巴西古当和白沙工业园区,南中城(Southkey),谷中城广场,避兰东城市发展项目,直落爪哇混合发展项目。还有著名的项目如澳洲发展商海湾屋业, 海峡公寓, 滨海公寓等等。
      4. 在依斯干达A区蓬勃发展的位置。具有吸引力的投资与潜在的高回报和未来发展前景
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    • Photo : Hotspot Reward Card
    • Name : Hotspot Reward Card
    • Code : hotspotrewardcard
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    • Description :


      You can Watch, Listen, Play, Learn and Shop at ONLY RM0.10/DAY !



      Worldwide Live TV Channel   全球现场直播电视节目

      Worldwide Radio Station   全球电台节目

      Social Online Game   网络游戏

      Advertisement Shopping    广告购物

      Discounts at Merchant Shop   折扣于连锁商家

      Internet Education Course    网络课程学习

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    • Photo : Reiki Treatment 灵气治疗
    • Name : Reiki Treatment 灵气治疗
    • Code : reikihealing
    • Price : MYR160.00
    • Description :

      If you or someone you know would like to receive a Reiki treatment, please contact us.

      Also, we would be happy to learn about the results of your healing experience, so please use this same form to let us know of any improvements or other experiences you have.

      Thanks for allowing us to serve you.

      RM160 per hour treatment.

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    • Photo : Reiki 1st Degree Course 灵气初级课程
    • Name : Reiki 1st Degree Course 灵气初级课程
    • Code : reiki1stdegree
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    • Description :

      What is Reiki?

      A Brief Overview

      Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

      Reiki 1st Degree (1st Day)

      • Registration & 1st Aura/Energy Reading
      • Icebreaker
      • Introduction to Reiki/Relaxation Exercise
      • Energizing Demo/Grounding & Protection Technique
      • Tea break
      • 1st Attunement followed by psychic Art drawing
      • 2nd Attunement followed by psychic Art drawing
      • Q & A
      • Lunch
      • Energizing & Harmonizing Practice
      • Practical session: Scanning, Self & Group healing
      • Q & A & Homework Assignment
      • 2nd Aura/Energy Reading
      • End of 1st day class

      Reiki 1st Degree (2nd Day)

      • Assignment feedback & Experience sharing
      • Relaxation Exercise
      • Tea Break
      • 3rd Attunement followed by psychic Art drawing
      • 4th Attunement followed by psychic Art drawing
      • Q & A, Consent/ Energy Exchange
      • Lunch
      • 2nd Practical session
      • Psychic Art Drawing explanation
      • Preview of Reiki 2nd Degree
      • Graduation: Certificate & Photo taking

      Conclusion of 2nd day class

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    • Photo : Seiketsu Healthy Love III 雪洁健康养生机 III
    • Name : Seiketsu Healthy Love III 雪洁健康养生机 III
    • Code : healthylove3
    • Price : MYR1498.00
    • Weight : 1KG
    • Description :

      Seiketsu Healthy Love III is a combination of cooking and whipping function built into one machine. It has an ultra-age appearance and fully automated design. It is able to quickly grind beans, grains and other healthy food from its original rough texture to fine smooth and delicious tasting health-care food. It is an essential health preservation equipment for you and your family.


      • Speedy food processing
      • Easy to clean
      • Safe in use
      • Convenient to store
      • Easy to make food

      雪洁健康养生机 III

      雪洁健康养生机 III 集合烹煮与搅打于一体,拥有超时代的外型与全自动化的设计。它能快速将原来粗糙的豆类、谷类等养生食品变成幼滑顺口的美味养生餐,是您及家人必备的养生器材。


      • 快速烹调功能
      • 容易清洗
      • 使用安全
      • 方便储存
      • 简单烹调法


      Seiketsu Healthy Love III menggabungkan masak dan pukul di dalam satu mesin yang mempunyai bentuk trendi dan berekaan otomatik. Ia dapat menukar pelbagai kacang dan bijirin yang kasar menjadi masakan kesihatan yang licin, lembut dan enak. Ia merupakan alat kesihatan dan keperluan untuk anda sekeluarga.


      • Fungsi pemasakan yang cepat
      • Pembersihan yang senang
      • Penggunaan yang selamat
      • Penyimpanan yang mudah
      • Fungsi pemasakan yang mudah
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    • Photo : Foot Reflexology & Massage Gel Insoles
    • Name : Foot Reflexology & Massage Gel Insoles
    • Code : Gelinsoles1
    • Price : MYR288.00
    • Weight : 100.00G
    • Description :

      Gel insoles features as follows:

      1. High quality PU insole filled with gel and granules

      2. Special PU material with breathe freely which can keep your shoes drying, and prevent diseases growing, remove smell from the shoes.

      Normal Price : RM388 While Stock Last !

      Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia

      2 Types : Ladies or Men Size available

      Warranty : 1 Year

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    • Photo : Aura Workshop 磁场工作坊
    • Name : Aura Workshop 磁场工作坊
    • Code : AuraWorkshop
    • Price :
    • Description :

      Learn the Secrets of  Aura reading to identify your Strong Energy centers and how your Aura can Benefit your to improve your Health, Wealth and Happiness Level to bring you Success, Prosperity, Health and Harmony in Life.

      Aura Course Itinerary :

      1. 1st Aura Reading Recording
      2. What is Aura and the Chakras
      3. Details on the Individual Chakras and its function
      4. 1st Questions and Answer Session
      5. L~Aura Energy Detecting Tool – History and Applications
      6. Practical session on Aura Reading/form filling (Part 1)
      7. Energizing & Relaxation Session
      9. 2nd Aura Reading Recording
      10. 2nd Questions and Answer Session
      11. Updates of other Events
      12. Certificate presentation
      13. Group Photography
      14. Closing remarks by Master Terrylz Ng and Farewell

      Free Aura Set worth RM498 for sign up . Contact Us Now !

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    • Photo : Seiketsu Beauty World 美丽人生
    • Name : Seiketsu Beauty World 美丽人生
    • Code : beauty
    • Weight : 800.00G
    • Description :


      Simple Beauty Treatment, Maintain Beauty Forever
      The safety of this skin stimulus was tested and certified by researchers of clinical experiments in

      It was certified as one of earliest and best machine for developing beautiful skin by IEC in Korea.
      The effect of this machine was also tested by Hiroshima College, regarded as one of the highest authority in biotechnology in Japan. The result of test was reported on Nikkei NEWS in Japan, establishing the scientific results of this device.

      Featuring 4 Innovative Technologies

      • Galvanic Technology
      • Far Infrared Technology
      • Vibration Technology
      • Titanium Coating

      SOD Essence

      The skin care product of this generation brings unexpected multiple functions. The normal skin care product only moist the skin and could not prevents signs of ageing .
      SOD Essence patented mechanism counteracts this damaging effect with a powerful synergy of plant ingredients that work on the upper & deeper layers of the skin, restoring the cell’s ability to regenerate. This low-molecular-unit antioxidants protect skin, support moisture retention and improve its resilience. Skin glows with vibrant health & radiance.

      Active Ingredients

      Green Tea, White Tea, Bacillus Subtilus Natto, Rice Bran Extract, Soybean Peptide Extract, Phellodendron Bark Extract, Scutellariae Root Extract, Water-Soluble Collagen, Hydrolysed Egg White Protein, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol. 


      • Natural Plant and Bean Extracts
      • Multi Ingredients for a Synergistic Effect
      • Ancient Formula that is Tried & Tested
      • Advanced Processing Technology
      • Devoid of any Synthetic Colourings, Fragrances or Additives


      • Prevents free radicals from destroying skin cells
      • Slows down collagen damage, smoothen the fine lines
      • Inhibits oxidation of melanin, thus reduces formation of pigmentations and age spots
      • Improves skin’s ability to retain moisture and hydration
      • Boosts cell metabolism and regeneration
      • Strengthens skin’s elasticity and resilience
      • Nourishes skin cells
      • Improves skin texture and radiance
      • Evens out skin tone


      Spread a thin layer of the SOD Essence over face & neck, Use this first line of defence before any other moisturizer.

      雪潔美容仪是来自韩国的高科技产品。在韩国,研究员们通过临床试验证明它对皮肤的刺激是安全可靠的。它被 IEC 权威机构认证为创建美丽肌肤最早及最好的机器设备之一。

      • 生物电技术
      • 远红外线技术
      • 振动技术
      • 表层镀钛
      SOD 细胞精华素

      绿茶精华素、白茶精 华素、杆状菌、米糠精华、大豆缩氨酸、Phellodendron Bark Extract, Scutellariae Root Extract, 胶原素,Hydrolysed Egg White Protein, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol.

      • 天然谷物与植物的抽取
      • 复方原料
      • 古老配方
      • 先进科技制造过程
      • 无添加防腐剂,色素与香料
      • 防自由基破坏皮肤基地层
      • 防胶原的破坏,抚平岁月的皱纹
      • 防紫外线刺激黑斑,雀斑的产生
      • 提高皮肤保湿性,维持水份
      • 加强皮肤的弹性与嫩度
      • 促进新陈代谢,细胞再生
      • 滋养皮肤,活化细胞
      • 改善粗糙皮肤,增进皮肤光滑
      • 均衡肤色


      Penjagaan Yang Mudah, Kecantikan Yang Semula Jadi
      Alat kecantikan Seiketsu adalah produk berteknologi tinggi dari Korea. Di Korea, melalui ujian klinikal, para penyelidik telah membuktikan rangsangannya terhadap kulit adalah selamat. IEC memberi pengakuan bahawa ia adalah salah satu mesin yang paling awal dan baik untuk mencipta kecantikan kulit.

      Di jepun, Hiroshima College telah menjalankan ujian keberkesanan ke atas mesin ini. Keputusannya ialah ia memperolehi salah satu pengakuan yang paling tinggi di dalam bidang bioteknologi. Keputusan ujian ini turut diterbitkan di dalam Nikkei News. Dengan ini, ia menegaskan dasar saintifik alat ini.

      Alat kecantikan Seiketsu mempunyai 4 Teknologi Inovasi

      • Teknologi Galvanik
      • Teknologi Far Infrared
      • Teknologi Getaran
      • Saduran Titanium

      SOD Essence


      Proses penjagaan kulit generasi baru ini membawakan anda kesan multi-fungsi yang tidak tersangka. Produk penjagaan kulit yang biasa hanya boleh melembabkan kulit dan tidak dapat memperbaiki masalah ketuaan.

      SOD Essence terbukti sebagai sejenis essence yang kaya dengan zat tumbuhan, ia boleh meresap ke dalam lapisan bawah kulit dan menghidupkan sel-sel kulit. Pada masa yang sama, bahan anti-oksidanya dengan molekul-unit yang rendah boleh memperbaiki kekasaran kulit, menjadikan kulit licin dan lembut. Dengan itu, kulit kelihatan sihat dan bersinar.


      Cabutan teh hijau, cabutan teh putih, bacillus subtilus natto, cabutan sekam beras, soybean peptide extract, scutellariae root extract, kolagen, hydrolysed egg white protein, sodium hyaluronic acid, phenoxyethanol


      • Cabutan dari tumbuhan dan bijirin semula jadi
      • Multi-ramuan untuk kesan synergistic
      • Formula kuno yang tercuba dan teruji
      • Proses penghasilan dengan teknologi maju
      • Tidak mengandungi bahan penahan, pewarna dan pewangi


      • Mencegah kerosakan lapisan asas kulit oleh free radical
      • Mencegah kerosakan kolagen, meratakan kedutan
      • Mencegah penghasilkan jeragat dan tahi lalat oleh sinalran ultra-ungu
      • Meninggikan daya kelembaban kulit
      • Menguatkan daya elastic dan kemudaan kulit
      • Menggiatkan proses metabolisma dan pertumbuhan sel-sel
      • Memberi khasiat kepada kulit dan menghidupkan sel-sel
      • Memperbaiki kulit yang kasar dan menambah kelicinan serta keserian kulit
      • Menyeratakan warna kulit

      Cara Penggunaan

      Sapu SOD Essence di muka dan leher dengan kuantiti yang sesuai. Ia sesuai digunakan sebelum penggunaan produk penjagaan kulit yang lain.

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    • Photo : Aquanano outdoor water filtration system
    • Name : Aquanano outdoor water filtration system
    • Code : Aquanano
    • Price :
    • Weight : 1KG
    • Description :

      "The Most Dangerous Types of Water You Can Drink"

      Including one that is just as unhealthy as soda... another which has 36 harmful pollutants... and this 'healthy water' which invites devastating health consequences as it condenses the toxic byproducts into your drinking supply and sucks the good minerals out of your body. Read this before you consume another drop...

      With all the different types of water out there and the hype that goes with each, it can be very easy to get confused about which water is really best for your health.

      So, if you find yourself struggling with the environmental concerns of bottled water versus the potentially dangerous chemicals in tap water, I understand.

      Unfortunately not all of us live close to a mountain stream where we can fill up our water bottles and drink some of the best water on the planet for free – the way nature designed it.

      Most of us live in large urban areas and need to rely on commercial water distribution systems that are often loaded with chlorine, disinfection by-products, fluoride, and many other toxins.

      Here's the sobering truth… Every year a greater number of contaminants are uncovered in public and private water supplies. And with each passing day, we learn more about how these substances have the potential to jeopardize your well-being.

      Let me ask you… when was the last time you checked to ensure the water you and your family are drinking is truly safe? And I mean, really checked?


      What's In YOUR Glass of Water?

      If you're like most people, you probably take your drinking water for granted. You crack open a bottle or turn on the filter on your tap and pour yourself a nice tall glass of cool, sparkling water.

      Did you know that the cleanest-looking water isn't necessarily the healthiest? Sometimes the greatest dangers with drinking water can't be seen, tasted, or even smelled.

      Impurities in your drinking water can come from a number of sources.

      There are many different toxic synthetic chemicals used in society today. And, unfortunately, the list grows longer every year.

      To make matters worse, even some naturally occurring substances can be harmful when they end up in your drinking water.                                                                                               

      Then there's the question of water treatment and the myriad contaminants that can result from the process of disinfection. Finally, distribution systems and pipes create hazards all on their own.

      To be sure, your drinking water is subject to many, many potential points of contamination. And honestly, these potential hazards can vary from water source to water source…

      Five Sources of Water – What You Need to Know About Each

      Tap Water – Easy, quick, convenient. But how many pollutants lurk in your water? And what is your associated health risk? More on this in just a moment…

      Bottled Water – Did you know that 40% of bottled water is actually TAP WATER? With or without added filtration – you're paying through the nose for it. Worse, an independent test by the Environmental Working Group found arsenic, DPBs and 36 other harmful pollutants hiding in bottled water. Read more about this below…

      Plastic bottles are a less than optimal idea too. They can contain the potentially hazardous chemical BPA.

      And the devastating environmental impact is staggering.

      Distilled Water – Use with caution… Long-term use can invite health problems, because its minerals are evaporated out. So to try to maintain mineral balance, it sucks minerals out of your body.

      What's worse, the contaminants in the water are more concentrated in the finished distilled water. You can just imagine what that does to your health…

      Alkaline Water – Although there is some controversy on this, I and most experts believe that this water should be used for short-term detoxification only (1-2 weeks max). Additionally the alkalinization process does NOT filter the water so you need to carefully evaluate the water filter for the specific alkaline water unit it's using.

      Vitamin Waters – Don't be fooled… Vitamin waters contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial colors, additives, preservatives, and caffeine. Even worse… they use distilled water to produce these products – which as you just read, is one of the worst types of water you can consume.

      So, to complete the full circle back to tap water…

      What the Government Isn't Telling You About Your Drinking Water

      Passed by Congress in 1974, and amended in both 1986 and 1996, the EPA's Safe Drinking Water Act was intended to ensure safe public drinking water.                                               

      It's been documented that each year there are over 200,000 violations to the Safe Drinking Water Act – involving over 20 percent of water treatment facilities.

      However, I have no information that your particular water treatment facility had violations.

      EPA standards are based on a 175 lb. male drinking water with only one chemical present. 

      It's scientifically recognized that if 2 or more chemicals exist at the same time in your tap water, the synergistic toxicity of those two chemicals greatly magnifies the negative effects. 

      Imagine what happens when you have 6 or 7 chemicals in your water...

      How Your Local Water Company May Be Jeopardizing Your Health

      To make your water safe to drink, your local water treatment plant most likely adds chlorine, chlorine dioxide, or chloramines to the water.

      The practice of adding chlorine to drinking water began in the late 1800s and by 1904 became the standard in water treatment, and for the most part remains so today.

      Chlorine isn't necessarily used because it's the safest or even the most effective means of disinfection. It's used because it is the cheapest and it is highly effective at eliminating water borne infections that are all too common in countries like India and Mexico..

      While chlorine effectively kills the harmful, disease-causing microorganisms, an unwanted side effect typically occurs at the same time.

      Water supplies naturally contain organic matter, such as decaying vegetation. The chlorine-containing disinfectants react with this matter, generating toxic chemical disinfection byproducts, or DBPs for short.      

      And here's the point that I want you to grasp…

      Chlorine itself is relatively harmless. Research reveals that the disinfection byproducts (DBPs) produced from chlorine are potentially harmful to your health!

      In other words, it's typically the disinfection byproducts, the DBPs – not chlorine – that are responsible for the potential toxic effects of chlorinated water.

      The Potentially Dangerous Effects of Disinfection Byproducts, or DBPs

      Some of the more dangerous DBPs created from the chlorination of water include trihalomethanes (THMs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

      These chlorine byproducts can trigger the production of free radicals in your body.

      Three Disinfection Byproducts, or DBPs, You Want to Avoid… At All Costs

      Here are some of the more dangerous chlorination byproducts and their associated suspected side effects:

      Trihalomethanes (THMs):

      Cause cancer in laboratory animals

       Trigger the production of free radicals in your body

      Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs):

      Lead to central nervous system depression and drowsiness

      Can irritate skin and mucous membranes

      Haloacetic Acid (HAAs):

       Is a Class B2 probable human carcinogen

       May cause liver disease in test animals at very high levels

      Are They in Your Drinking Water?

      According to a recent New Scientist report, a comprehensive survey of U.S. drinking water reveals that drinking water may contain a host of hormonally active chemicals.

      Some of the most frequently found substances included:

      MTBE (Methyl-tert-butyl Ether) – a chemical  added to fuel to raise octane number; a potential human carcinogen at high doses

      Atrazine – a U.S. herbicide banned in the European Union; a known endocrine disruptor, it feminizes wildlife and lab animals, is linked to reproductive problems in lab animals, impairs immune function, and is linked to both breast and prostate cancers in humans

      Granted, the levels detected were low. But let me ask you: do you really want to drink someone's recklessly discarded fuel boosters and pesticides?

      I certainly don't.

      Incidentally, the U.S. government does not regulate or set rules for pharmaceuticals or any of these other compounds in your drinking water, except for one: the herbicide Atrazine.

      Why Your Body Needs Healthy Water

      Your body depends on clean water for countless functions.

      Your body depends on clean water to perform its daily functions, such as digestion, temperature and blood regulation, respiration, and detoxification.

      In particular, your body's ability to flush out toxins and properly assimilate nutrients depends heavily on an abundant intake of clean, chemical free water. The more stress, toxins, and pollutants your body battles with each day, the more water it needs.

      The quantity and quality of the water you use largely determines your body's ability to shed excess fat and properly maintain your body's largest organ, your skin.

      While your entire body is 72 percent water, your skin is 80 percent water. Plentiful water is needed to maintain your skin's elasticity and moisture barrier.

      Your blood is over 90 percent water and uses water to transport oxygen, nutrients, and antibodies throughout your body.

      How Much Water Does Your Body Really Need?

      I'm often asked what is the ideal amount of water to drink on a daily basis.

      Eight glasses of water a day is a good start, but your body may need more

      A good rule is to use the color of your urine as a guide. When you're well hydrated, your urine should be clear, or nearly so.

      Please note this guideline does not work when you are taking B supplements with riboflavin which will turn your urine bright yellow.

      It's been estimated that over two-thirds of all people don't drink enough water, and suffer from some degree of dehydration.

      Did you know that just a 5 percent drop in body fluids can cause a 25 to 30 percent loss of energy?

      Unfortunately, many people turn to stimulants like caffeine and sugar to boost their energy level when they feel drained.

      Problem is, these substances only increase your need for more water, as well as potentially cause a myriad of other health issues.

      Next time you feel a drop in your energy, pour yourself a cool, tall glass of water and see if it doesn't make a difference in how you feel!

      Remember Your Kids – They Need Clean Water, Too!

      Your children need healthy water when they head out to school and play, just as much, or even more so than you or me.

      Children need three times as much water per pound of body weight than adults. As their immune and detoxification systems are not yet fully developed, any ill effects from contaminants in the water are far more impactful to children's bodies.

      Lead in particular is dangerous for kids. Studies show that fluoride, added to most public water supplies, can actually increase your child's absorption of lead.

      Pesticides and herbicides are beginning to show up in school drinking water supplies as well. Since developing children are less capable of fully removing them from their bodies, researchers are increasingly suspecting them as one cause for the exploding number of cases of autism and ADHD.

      As attention deficit and hyperactive behavior in children have been linked  to changes in levels of thyroid hormone, so are irritability and aggressive behavior. Pesticides and herbicides are proven to adversely affect thyroid hormones.

      If You Think Your Child's School is Protecting Them Against Unsafe Drinking Water – Think Again!

      Unfortunately, you can't always depend upon schools to protect your children against unsafe drinking water. When schools get their water from municipal supplies, as many do, they're not required to test for toxins.

      If your child attends an older school with lead-soldered pipes, he or she may be drinking lead contaminated water. This highly toxic metal can flake off into the water, or simply leech into the water as it sits in the pipes over weekends and holidays.

      According to a 2010 National Geographic report, a nationwide investigation discovered that the drinking water in schools in 27 states was contaminated with lead and other toxic substances from lead-soldered pipes installed before 1985.  However, I have no information that the water supply at your child's particular school contains lead.

      As bad as lead is for your child, it's not the only potential concern with your school's drinking water. In 2009, the Associated Press analyzed school drinking water data from the Environmental Protection Agency and uncovered some disturbing findings.

      About 100 school districts and 2,250 schools nationwide were found to have drinking water that violated federal water safety standards, including one out of five schools with well water.

      What did they find in the water? Lead, pesticides, and toxins such as coliform bacteria, copper, arsenic, and nitrates. It is for this reason that I suggest packing water for your child for school.

      The Most Popular Solution… But is it the Healthiest?

      Drinking bottled water opens up a whole new set of health and environmental concerns.

      Is drinking bottled water the solution?

      Evidently, many people believe so.

      Bottled water represents, by far, the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry with annual sales exceeding $11 billion.

      How has the bottled water industry created such a demand for a commodity that's available for free?

      By slick marketing tactics and taking  advantage of lax governmental regulations.

      Playing the message that bottled water is cleaner, and therefore healthier, the bottled water industry has successfully created one of the most incredulous scams of the century.

      Here's how you've been duped:

      Studies reveal that about 40 percent of bottled water is actually regular tap water with possibly no additional filtering treatment.

      The EPA standards that apply to public water supplies do NOT apply to bottled water

      There are no restrictions protecting against a source of bottled water being located near industrial facilities or waste dumps.

      Overall, bottled water is less regulated than tap water.

      A recent Environmental Working Group test uncovered 38 contaminants in 10 brands of bottled water, including DBPs, nitrate, caffeine, arsenic, Tylenol, bacteria and industrial chemicals.                                                                           

      The Problem with Water Bottles

      The alarming environmental impact of discarded plastic water bottles

      In the time it takes you to read just this one short sentence, over 8,000 empty water bottles are being thrown away worldwide.

      According to the Container Recycling Institute, in the U.S. alone, more than 67 million plastic water bottles are discarded each day. That's enough empty plastic water bottles to…

      Fill 5500 garbage trucks each day.

      Bury Manhattan Island one foot deep each day.

      Wrap around the planet 149 times each year!

      Not easily degraded, empty plastic water bottles have become a major contributor to worldwide pollution.

      In fact, water bottles make up a sizable portion of the garbage patch of discarded plastic swirling in the Pacific Ocean just a few hundred miles off the coast.                

      This enormous plastic “stew” is currently larger than  twice the size of Texas and growing rapidly!

      The waste issue is not the only problem. According to the Sierra Club, the U.S. alone uses 1.5 million barrels of oil to produce all the water bottles we toss each year.

      And along with oil, comes unwanted toxins. The processing of plastic water bottle releases toxic compounds such as nickel, ethylbenzene, ethylene oxide, and benzene into the environment.

      What I Believe is the Best Way to Protect Your Child (and Yourself) Against Unsafe Drinking Water

      Choose your reusable water container carefully!

      As I mentioned earlier, I believe that the best way to protect you're your child against the uncertainty of school drinking water is to pack clean water you trust from home.

      And, of course, you want pure and clean water in a safe, non-toxic, and reusable container.

      What kind of container should you choose?

      My personal favorite, and the kind I use myself, is glass. Glass is non-toxic and does not leach any undesirable contaminants. If breakage concerns you, purchase a silicone sleeve to slip on the outside to protect the bottle.

      If you feel you must use plastic, be sure to select a water bottle designed for reuse labeled with one of the following numbers, as these are known to not leach harmful substances:

      High-density polyethylene, labeled as "#2 HDPE"

       Low-density polyethylene, labeled as "#4 LDPE"

       Polypropylene, labeled as "#5 PP"

      Above all, be sure to avoid all plastic bottles labeled “Nalgene”, PVC #3, and Polycarbonate #7. These can leach potential endocrine disruptors and/or highly dangerous dioxins. However, not all plastics labeled with #7 contain BPA. For instance, corn PLA plastic and other biodegradable and renewable resource resins are classified under 7 as well. Be sure to inquire about what #7 plastic is made from before using it.

      Make sure the bottle you select – whether it's glass or one of the safer plastics – has an opening that allows you to hand wash the insides with hot water and a bottle brush.

      If not cleaned thoroughly and often, your water bottle will begin to harbor unhealthy bacteria and mold growth – definitely not something you want in your water!

      Water Filtering Options

      How to Find some of the BEST Water in the World

      In my opinion, the finest source of clean water is from a gravity fed mountain spring, directly from where it emerges.

      Naturally filtered by the earth and untreated by commercial bottling companies, this fresh, “living” water still contains organisms such as algae, which are beneficial to your health.

      Where can you find these  gravity fed raw springs? Go to to locate a natural spring near you. Most are even monitored by local municipalities for contaminants and are free to use!

      It is no mystery that most of us need some type of water filter system. However for nearly ten years I did not offer a water filter system as I wasn’t convinced that I knew enough to recommend one.

      After many years of review I have reached some conclusions. Before I share those with you let's review your options, As you'll soon see, I believe that your ultimate choice should come down to three factors:

      Effectiveness. How many dangerous contaminants is the filter certified to remove?  Most importantly, does it remove the toxic disinfection byproducts (DBPs)?

      Value. How much, on an on-going basis, will it cost you for clean water? (HINT: Initial costs can be deceiving!)

      Ease of Use. If it's time-consuming and a struggle to install or use, you and your family are less likely to use it.

      With these three points in mind, let's take a closer look at the options available and discover what's best for you.

      What's YOUR Best Water Filter Option?

      Your options basically come down to just a few categories:

      Carafe or Pitcher Style Filter
      The pour-through pitcher style filter is generally the least effective filter when it comes to removing harmful contaminants.

      Certified to remove only five substances, a pitcher-style filter is designed primarily for taste and odor. Most importantly, these typically do NOT remove dangerous THMs, VOCs, and cysts.

      Although their initial cost may be only about $25.00, you'll need to replace cartridges every 30 gallons. All figured, at a whopping cost of 25 cents per gallon, these filters are the most costly on an on-going basis.

      Plus if you forget to refill the small reservoir after use, you're out of water!  

      Reverse Osmosis Filter
      Reverse osmosis (RO) filters, are my personal favorite, but they may not be for everyone. I prefer RO filters because they generally remove more impurities, including hard-to-remove fluoride. However, they also remove natural minerals in the water.

      I add the essential minerals back into my water, but it's an extra step you must remember to do for naturally healthy water. RO filters also tend to be more expensive.

      Ion Exchange Filter
      Ion exchange is designed to remove dissolved salts in the water, such as calcium. This system actually softens the water or exchanges natural-forming mineral ions in the water with its own ions, thereby neutralizing their harmful effect of creating scale build-up.

      The ion exchange system was originally used in boilers and other industrial situations before becoming popular in home purifying units, which usually combine the system with carbon for greater effectiveness.

      Distillation Filter
      Distillation is the simple process of boiling water to create steam. The steam cools and condenses to form mineral-free water droplets, which are deposited in a container. When combined with carbon, the result is typically 99.9% contaminate-free water.
      Like a reverse osmosis filter, all healthy minerals are removed.

      Granular Carbon and Carbon Block Filters
      These are the most common types of counter top and under counter water filters.

      Granular carbon filters and carbon block systems perform the same process of contaminant removal, adsorption, which is the chemical or physical bond of a contaminant to the surface of the filter media.

      Granular activated carbon is recognized by the EPA as the best available technology for the removal of organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and industrial chemicals. However, one of the downfalls of granular carbon filters is that the loose material inside can channel--the water creates pathways through the carbon material, escaping filtering.

      Carbon block filters offer the same superior filtering ability but are compressed with the carbon medium in a solid form. This eliminates channeling and gives the ability to precisely combine multiple media in a sub-micron filter cartridge. By combining different media, the ability to selectively remove a wide range of contaminants can be achieved.

      A sub-micron pore structure gives the added benefit of cyst reduction. By creating a sub-micron physical barrier, the filter can eliminate dangerous organisms like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

      Ideally, you want a filtration system that offers a variety of methods to remove different contaminants.  Most systems do not address a combination of organic, inorganic, cyst, sediment and metals. 

      Why SELECTIVE Filtration Makes a Difference

      Looking to protect all your home water sources from DBPs and potentially toxic chemicals? A Aquanano Outdoor Filtration Systemcould be your best bet. It protects all sources of contaminated water in your home…



      Ice-makers and water dispensers


      Washing machines

      Our Aquanano filters use a “selective filtration” process rather than a mechanical one for a couple of very important reasons. This advanced technology helps remove harmful contaminants such as THMs and lead, but retains beneficial minerals including potassium and calcium.  The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water treatment device are not necessarily present in your water.

      Lead is reduced by a complex ion-exchange process that replaces harmful lead ions with healthy potassium ions.

      Herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents and other synthetic chemicals are removed through absorption (see certification for full list of substances removed).

      Chlorine byproducts and chlorine resistant organisms, such as THMs, and cysts like Giardia Cryptosporidium are physically filtered by the 0.5-micron absolute filter.

      How Does Aquanano Compare With Other Filter Systems?

      Q: How can I tell if there are contaminants in my water?

      A: All public water systems contain some level of one or more unhealthful chemicals. Regulations only require periodic testing of about 91 chemicals. There are many chemicals used in our society with over 1000 new ones being developed each year.

      Contaminant levels fluctuate throughout the year making it impossible to know the actual level of contamination in a central water system. So far, over 2100 toxic chemicals have been detected in America's water systems. There's an excellent chance many are in your water, too. However, the contaminants discussed above may not be present in your particular water system.

      Q: Does the AquananoWater Filtration system remove fluoride?

      A: Fluoride is not one of the contaminants that the Aquanano system is certified to remove. However, there is usually a moderate reduction in fluoride levels in water filtered by the Aquanano. If you are concerned about the presence of some remaining fluoride in your water, then you'll need to consider a Reverse Osmosis filter.

      Q: Can the Aquanano products be used on well water?

      A: The Aquanano filters are intended for use on municipally treated water and are not warranted for use on private wells. In most situations, these filters will work fine on well water as long as it is drinkable water.

      The Aquanano should not be used on wells that are non-potable due to excessive bacteria. Wells with such high levels of iron or sulfur that cause staining of sinks and plumbing fixtures should not be used with the Aquanano.

      Q: How do you know when the filter need to be replaced?

      A:  As long as you clean the system every 12 months and replace the filter every 60 months, you can be sure of peak performance.

      It's Time to Protect Your Family With One of the Best…

      When it comes to providing pure water for your family, nothing but the best will do.

      While I have extensively researched the contaminants in water, I have no way of knowing what contaminants (if any) are present in your particular source of water.


       Provides excellent long-term value – enjoy fresh, clean water for less than 10 cents a gallon (when used and filters replaced according to recommendations in packaging)!!

       Is easy to use… and even better, easy to install. Everything you need is included.

       Excels when it comes to removing contaminants!

       Is backed by a 100 percent money back guarantee.

      Now the purest, cleanest water is available to you at the touch of a button. Are you ready to take the plunge?

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    • Photo : Sesaminoid Vege-Cap 黑芝麻精华素
    • Name : Sesaminoid Vege-Cap 黑芝麻精华素
    • Code : SesaminoidVege-Cap
    • Price : MYR336.00
    • Weight : 200.00G
    • Description :

      Black sesame seeds have been known as health care products in the old days. Not only that, the black sesame seeds can cure many kind of diseases, helps to prolong life according to Compendium of Materia Medica. Black sesame seeds contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E and dietary fiber. It’s mineral components are calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, rare element of zinc and selenium trace, nicotinic acid etc. It also contains sesamin, arachidic acid, sesamol, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, sterols, lecithin, vitamin A, B, D, E and many other nutrients.

      •    Vitamin E can promote cell division, delayed cell senescence
      •    Polyphenols (such as anthocyanin, lignans and vitamins B1, etc.) can improve the immune system to fight disease
      •    contains lipa to improve joint pain, relieve chronic neuritis, improve vision and dry itchy skin problems
      •    Sesamin can ease joint and muscle pain, slow down cartilage degeneration
      •    Smoothen the intestine to releases of constipation
      •    Vitamin E will invigorate the circulation of blood, achieve beauty and face care, moisture the skin linoleic acid, sesame oil and etc will prevent degradation of brain cells, strengthen brain and improve memory ability

      黑芝麻在古早时代已被喻为保健养生之品。不但如此,在本草纲目记载中,黑芝麻能治百病,多 吃能延年益寿。黑芝麻含维他命B1 、B2 、B6、C 、E 及膳食纤维。矿物质的成分则有钙、磷、铁、镁、钾、钠、稀有元素锌及硒微量、菸碱酸等。而且还含有芝麻素、花生酸、芝麻酚、油酸、棕榈酸、硬脂酸、甾醇、 卵磷脂、维生素A、B、D、E等营养物质。
      •    维生素E能促进细胞分裂,延迟细胞衰老
      •    多酚类(例如青花素、木酚素及维生素B1等),能提高免疫力,抵抗疾病
      •    所含的油脂能改善关节疼痛,减轻慢性神经炎,改善视力及皮肤干痒症
      •    芝麻素能缓解关节和肌肉疼痛,减缓软骨退化
      •    滑肠治疗便秘
      •    维他命E能活血养颜,滋润皮肤
      •    亚油酸、芝麻油等,预防脑部细胞退化,达到健脑与增强记忆力的功效

      Bijan hitam telah dikenalpasti sebagai makanan kesihatan sejak zaman kuno lagi. Bukan itu sahaja, menurut Compendium of Materia Medica, bijan hitam bukan sahaja dapat mengubati banyak jenis penyakit, tetapi juga membantu melanjutkan usia. Bijan hitam mengandungi vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, E dan fiber makanan. Komponen mineralnya terdiri daripada kalsium, fosforus, besi, magnesium, potassium, sodium, unsur zinc jarang dan selenium dikesan, niacin dan sebagainya. Ia juga mengandungi sesamin, asid arachidic, sesamol, asid oleic, asidpalmitic, asid stearic, sterols, lecithin, vitamin A, B, D, E dan nutrisi yang lain. 

      •    Vitamin E menggalakkan pembahagian sel, melambatkan penuaan sel
      •    Polyphenols (umpamanya anthocyanin, lignans dan vitamin B1, dan sebagainya) dapat
           mempertingkatkan daya tahan diri untuk menentang penyakit
      •    Mengandungi lemak yang mampu memperbaiki kesakitan sendi, melegakan radang urat saraf
           yang kronik, memperbaiki penglihatan dan masalah kekeringan kulit yang menggatalkan
      •    Sesamin dapat melegakan kesakitan sendi dan otot, melambatkan penuaan rawan
      •    Melawas dan mengubati sembelit
      •    Vitamin E melancarkan peredaran darah, menyerikan wajah dan melembapkan kulit
      •    Asid linoleic, minyak bijan dan sebagainya mencegah kemerosotan sel otak, mencerdaskan
           otak dan mempertingkatkan daya ingatan

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    • Photo : Seiketsu Psychology Course 心理学工作坊 Kursus Psikologi
    • Name : Seiketsu Psychology Course 心理学工作坊 Kursus Psikologi
    • Code : seiketsupsychology
    • Price : MYR2050.00
    • Description :

      Psychology Course


      Derived from similar courses that are widely popular in European countries, America and Taiwan, the psychology course aims to cleanse the mind from emotional ‘pollution’ and to excavate true happiness and self-values. In the 1995 year since this course was conducted, many people at the brink of collapse, even families trapped in an emotional dead-zone were rejuvenated. In our society, the pursuing of self-indulged fulfillment often ended up in defeat. As a result, some people get pulled into a deep mental void. The minds become heavily knotted without any means of untangling it, and after sometime, these emotional pains could transcend into physical symptoms. Our aim in this course is to tab into these repressed emotions. Through forgoing some mental rigidity and misgivings, we can, at the end of the day, discover wisdom.   

      On the surface, the Psychology Course seems unrelated to the direct-selling business, but in fact it is quite the opposite. Our colleagues who are long-term students in the course, have demonstrated not only a happiness in their family, body and soul, but a strong and healthy mind that enabled them to take on any challenge, obstacle or defeat in their career.

      此乃源自于西方 的灵修课程,在多个先进国家如欧美各国,台湾等极受欢迎。透过扫除心灵的污垢,活出真正喜悦,富足的自己。从1995年心理学工作坊开办至今,许多濒临崩 溃的心灵重新被整合,几近走入死亡区的夫妻或亲子关系得以重新联系及归回中心。社会上,人们一直往外在去追求满足,可是却总是断羽而返,甚至陷入更深的匮 乏与空虚。人与人之间的沟通一味的浮于表面或仅止于言语,因此常生心结而长期无法解脱。时日一久,心理上未被治疗的痛就会透过生理而发出哀号。心理学工作 坊所教导的是凡事回到根源,找出压抑已久的情绪,透过放下执着而活出智慧。


      Kursus ini berasal dari kursus kejiwaan di negara barat. Ia mempunyai sambutan yang baik di serata Eropah, Amerika, Taiwan dan sebagainya. Melalui penyucian jiwa, anda akan memperolehi kehidupan yang gembira dan berada. Sejak tahun 1995 kursus psikologi mula diadakan, banyak jiwa yang hampir hancur telah disatukan semula, pertalian suami-isteri atau ibubapa dan anak yang berpecah-belah telah bercantum semula.

      Manusia sentiasa mengejar kepuasan dari luar tetapi tidak berjaya malah semakin kederitaan. Interaksi antara satu sama lain hanya bergantung pada komunikasi pada permukaan luar. Oleh itu, sentiasa terjadi perselisihan faham yang tidak dapat diselesaikan. Lama-kelamaan, kesakitan jiwa akan menunjukkan simbol melalui fizikal. Pengajaran kursus psikologi bertumpu pada asal-asul setiap kejadian, menjumpai emosi yang lama terpendam dan memperolehi kebijaksanaan melalui perlepasan kedegilan.

      Kursus psikologi kelihatan tidak berkaitan dengan kareer MLM, tetapi ia adalah salah satu aspek yang berhubung rapat.

      Ramai rakan sebaya kareer MLM yang menjadi penyerta setia kursus psikologi mempunyai keluarga yang harmoni, sihat di segi fizikal dan jiwa dan dapat mengatasi cabaran di dalam kareer MLM dengan menggunakan kuasa jiwa. Perjuangan di dalam kehidupan mereka juga lebih berwarna-

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